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How many hours will the class be?

The previous requirement for a fifteen-hour course has been removed from the Electrical rules and our course will be 9 hours.

What is the deadline for completing a code update course?

A course must be completed by December 31st, 2024 for renewal of your 2025 license.

When does the 2023 code take effect?

The code takes effect March 12th 2024.

Will you have code books available for purchase?

We can provide code books for an added cost if contracted ahead of time, or when classes are at locations sponsored by Electrical Supply Houses, they would have books available to purchase from the supply house itself. A Changes to the Michigan Electrical code hand out is complementary at all classes.

Are we skipping the 2020 Code?

Yes the state has elected to skip the 2020 Code and go straight to the 2023 Code.

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